Saturday, February 20, 2010

"I hate feeling like this"

Sickness Stinks.  Literally.

My poor wife is very sick today.  Headache, fluish symptoms, breath rattles, weariness, aches, and general misery.  And because I'm to busy taking care of her--ok, I'm too lazy to do both, really--our fishtank and kitchen stink.  I just bought a new filter, but it will take a while to smell better, and I haven't done dishes in about two and a half days.  (I know what I'll be doing this afternoon.)

Where does sickness come from?  The biblical answer is that sickness entered the world when Adam and Eve chose to disobey God and ate from the tree they weren't supposed to.  The medical answer is that sickness comes from microorganisms which enter our bodies through various orifices and means and then overwhelm our immune systems.  The metaphysical/naturalist view is that our lives become out of balance, and the "sickness" is our cue to clean up our act and get things back in order.  We could go on and on, but no matter why it happens, (unless you are a hypochondriac who revels in the attention that accompanies minor maladies) we all hate feeling like our bodies are dying faster than usual.

There are different levels of sickness, too.  You have everything from the garden-variety allergy to the how-did-I-possibly-contract-this-jungle-disease-in-my-suburbian-lifestyle virus that kills with little warning. 

My grandma has cancer.  Colon.  Again.  Sometimes you wonder why the "cure" seems almost or more horrible than the disease:  chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, blood tests, x-rays, mri's, prescription pills, etc.

It makes me thankful that Jesus not only died for our sins, but that he also provided for our healing by taking stripes on his back.  He was scourged so that we can survive the things we shouldn't.  I've seen divine healing actually take place in several lives over the years.  I also believe in heaven, where there will be no sickness, no disease, no infirmity, no pain. 

There will more musings on this topic in the future, I am sure, but I have to leave this unresolved for now.  In this life, here and now, no matter how you say it, sickness really stinks.


Kris said...

AMEN! Thanks for taking care of me! I really appreciate this blog...reminds me of the big picture. Although I might have to read it again when I'm not hopped up on cold meds. LOL

kdwagain2 said...

I'm enjoying this mental trip. I'll check in at your next turn.

Momma Katrina

Alexia said...

Sounds like Krissy has what Mom is just getting over - no fun.

And don't worry about the dishes. I haven't done mine in a couple days either...and I'm not sick. You've got a good excuse :)