Sunday, November 22, 2009


So, apparently, I need to blog. My wife wants me to share my thoughts for multiple reasons, and I figure, why not? So, here we go.

I don't have anything really pressing on my mind right now, so, unfortunately for all of you who will read it, my first blog will be a ramble.

I love my family and love my job, but it frustrates me that my job schedule prevents me from seeing my kids regularly. I literally this last week saw my kids (when they were awake) for a total of about an hour between Monday and Friday. I kiss them goodnight when I come home, and try to be aware and helpful when they are getting ready for school in the morning a few hours later, but I don't see them again until the next night when I get home after midnight UNLESS I pick them up from school--which I didn't do at all this last week.

I am trying to change my work schedule by switching with someone--ANYONE--to get an earlier schedule, but we'll have to see how that works out. If not, I have other schedule options in February and possibilities between now and then, but I've been working until either 11 pm or 12 am for almost two full years now, and the times need to be a-changin'.

My concern is not just for my emotional health, though. I think it's hard on a family when they can't spend much time together. I honestly feel like my kids need me, and I feel my wife needs me.

Let me know what you think! More future thoughts to come!


Kris said...

We do need you! I felt like a single mom this week and the only good that came out of that is my empathy for single moms everywhere. It's not just the work that I had to do, it was that I didn't have a partner to share anything with! No meal-time talks, no "OMG, guess what happened?!" or even just watching a sitcom together. I'm so thankful for this weekend, but it's overwhelming to think of doing this over and over, week after week...etc...
Thanks for trying to change your schedule. I really hope that it works out!
OH and thanks for putting up a blog! I can't wait to see your blogs as they come! LOVE YOU!

Kris said...

hey, since this blog...good things have your schedule changing!! You need to blog more. I'll promote it so it gets read...u just make sure there's something to read!!